January 2, 2012

Venus, an “Amazing Woman”

Although I did not know you Venus, your story touched my heart. My oldest daughter is about your age. I got involved because if it were one of my daughters missing, I would want people to reach out and help me. I have been on many searches with your Aunt Mary and others. I will continue to help search for as long as they want my help. I have met many kind people on these searches.

I attended as much of the trial as I could. The day of the sentencing I crashed on the way down, so I missed that.

I attended your beautiful memorial service. You have a beautiful family and your girls are adorable. It is obvious that you have touched many people in your short life here on earth. Your family loves you very much and are going to miss you like crazy. Your mom will reach out to you as she raises your girls and I know you will be there for her. I am sure in time your family will move forward with their lives as you would want them to, especially for your girls.

I pray every day that your remains will be found so your family can have true closure. As the minister said in your memorial service you are an “Amazing Woman”. Anyone who knows of your story knows this.