February 1, 2012


I have been struggling with this letter to you for a very long time. There is so much I could write about. The memories of a life time. Nothing I could put into words could describe the way people loved you.

I think of you every day. I think of you and the first time I met you. It was¬†Christmas¬†at my mom’s house in Bronson. A few days before I had just been informed that my brother had a child and I never knew of you. You were just a small girl, I can’t remember how old, maybe five or six years old. Everyone was waiting to meet you for the first time at my mom’s. I was so afraid you would be uncomfortable with so many people you didn’t know. I’d bought you a present, but I can’t remember what it was. All I can remember about that day was I felt protective of you even then, and I hadn’t even met you yet.To be so little with so many strangers hovering around you, asking you questions about what you like, don’t like, lovingly intruding into your life. I made up my mind to make sure you would feel at ease when you arrived. I had butterflies in my stomach.

My mom, (grandma), announced you were there. All of peeking at you and your mom bringing you to the door. Your mom is my friend from junior high school in Bronson. I’ve always loved your mom. She brought you in the house and said she would be back in a bit to pick you up.

You were amazing. you didn’t even flinch as you made your way into the house. You were not shy, that’s for sure! You spoke to everyone as if you had knew them all of your life. You were so at ease, talking a mile a minute, looking at everything, touching everything, and smiling. I was worried for nothing. It still makes me smile to think of you. The out-going, confident, child that made everyone smile. You were beautiful, with your dark hair and eyes. You laughed easily and enjoyed your visit with an outgoing zest.

It’s hard to believe, but you put everyone at ease, not the other way around. It was you that made everyone else in the house feel like we were always your family. When your dad married your mom, he was the happiest I’ve ever seen him. You took his last name and everyone was so happy! My friend was now my sister-in-law. Nothing could have been better. You’ve been a bright spot in our family ever since.